Herbal Teas are not only give us taste but also serves as an essential need of our daily life. We feel relaxed, energetic, and calm   after choosing right tea according to our body requirement.

Herbo Natural’s Instant Teas have lots of benefits when consumed   regularly. Most of the teas have Anti- Ageing effects, Enhances youthfulness, Promote Hair Growth while some take care of whole body.
Do not forget to include Herbo Natural’s Instant Teas in your daily diet plan for a healthy life.
“No Need Of Boiling Tea Leaves Or Soaking Tea Bags In Hot Water.”
Save time, have Tea in a few seconds.
Herbo Natural Instant Tea
Most tea bags contain 25% plastic
Say no to tea bags, Say no to Plastic
Our Herbo Natural Instant  liquid teas are available in many blends.Many teas are caffeine free. We carefully selected various flowers and herbs extract picked from their finest plantations, blend and convert them to perfection, We hygienically process and pack these Instant liquid Tea’s as per defined standards, using the selected and carefully chosen ingredients.
Why Herbo Natural Instant Teas?

  • Herbo Natural Instant Teas provide more healthier option than tea bags as they are extracts and tea bags could not extract ingredients effectively. Therefore Herbo Natural Instant teas are more effective than  tea bags.
  •  All Tea bags contain plastic and polymers which are not good for health.
  • Easy to make Iced Tea. By just adding in plain  water  with sweetener and add ice cubes to make chilled and enjoy Iced Tea.
  • To make Hot Tea just add Instant tea 1 tsp(5 ml) for 100 ml boiled water and add sweetener as per taste and enjoy Hot Tea.

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  • Assorted Herbo Natural Instant Tea Gift Packs

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    Blue Pea Tea

  • Cardamom Green Tea

  • Chamomile Tea

  • Clove Green Tea

  • Ginger Lemon Honey Tea

  • Green Tea Tulasi Lemon Ginger Tea

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    Hibiscus Rose Green Tea

  • Hibiscus Tea

  • Mint Lemon Tea

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    Mint Tulasi Lemon

  • Mulethi Green Tea